A Modern Approach to Ancient Wisdom

Based on the Chinese wellness culture rooted in a few thousand years of ancient wisdom, BIOCHI GLOBAL has developed a unique health concept that works for today’s conditions.


A new revolutionary product in the Health & Wellness industry

Transdermal Technology

BIOCHI Patch is a unique blend of botanical ingredients and is designed with Transdermal Technology that supports the self-healing system in the body and helps the body regenerate and repair damaged tissues and organs.

The principle of the use of botanical extract has a positive impact on optimizing and regulating Chi (Qi) vital energy, unblocking meridians, balancing yin and yang, relieving pain and stress, improving sleep quality, stabilizing metabolism, reducing inflammation, and achieving harmony in the body, both inside and outside.

Yellow Max Patch

key natural ingredients of Yellow Max Patch: Sea Buckthorn, Snow Algae, Green Coffee Bean, Gracinia Cambogia.

Green Max Patch

Key natural ingredients of Green Max Patch: Malus Domestica, Argan, Ashitaba, Moringa.

Black Max Patch

Key natural ingredients of Black Max Patch: Aphanizomenon Flos-Aquae (AFA), Mucuna Pruriens, Safed Musli, Bilberry.