BIOCHI GLOBAL, founded by the great visionary and philanthropist "Mr. Dawi" in 2024, is a modern global enterprise committed to bringing health and happiness to everyone around the world by providing quality health products. With its origins firmly rooted in China, BIOCHI GLOBAL becomes the fastest-growing platform with ambitions to make a difference to world health, create business development opportunities, and spread hope.

The cornerstones of BIOCHI high-quality health products are the influence of Chinese wellness culture, the use of advanced biotechnologies, the inclusion of natural ingredients, and ultramodern production facilities.

Our education system for training and motivation can make everyone invincible. We focus on holistic development of all Associates and trainers. We believe in every individual and our principle of equality comes from this belief that everyone Can perform and succeed.


Serve society by restoring health and wealth to mankind.


Become the world’s preferred platform for sharing great health and wealth for all.


Supportive Team

BIOCHI GLOBAL purpose is to deliver superior quality wellness products with the help of a people-centered and data-driven R&D and quality assurance team always prepared to assist you with all your business development requirements.


Empowering People

GLOBAL has spearheaded a range of endeavors to help impacted and underprivileged communities, all sharing the notion of empowering a rising era to make a positive difference.